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JAGS Website Benefits

The JAG Supplies website is a fully bespoke e-commerce website that our team are working on daily to improve for current and new coming clients! Please see below some of the key features the JAGS website allows all our clients:

Dashboard Breakdown
  • Spend Breakdown
  • Saving Analysis
  • Budgeting Controls
Efficient Order Management
  • Fully Customizable Order Lists
  • Quote Creation
  • Order/Quote History
Advanced Reporting
  • Customizable Reporting
My Documents
  • COSH Sheets
  • Data Sheets
Product Pricing
  • View Full Trade Pricing Online
  • Access To Constant Promotions

The JAGS website is constantly being updated to make the user experience streamlined and provide a client centric platform. The development team are continuously developing new features at our clients request to help them manage their business' better. Contact our marketing team if you have any feedback on the website or have any requests to make your online ordering experience easier. For trade accounts, click the contact us link below. Alternatively feel sign up for a general user account.

JAGS Social Media

JAG Supplies' Marketing Team are constantly providing updates on all social media platforms regarding new products, current promotions, delivery updates & any new information current and new clients will need. Click the links below and make sure to follow JAGS on all your social media platforms!

Click the links above to direct you to our social media pages! Email our marketing team at Marketing@jagsupplies.com for any enquiries